Haunted Ring - Explained by Alfie Whattam (Video Tutorial Download)


Haunted Ring - Explained by Alfie Whattam (Video Tutorial Download)

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On many of the items in this store, we don't claim to be the inventors of the routine. Often we are just offering our alternative versions, based on the classic ideas. 

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Make a normal ring, climb up a normal rubber band, with this magic trick. This illusion makes it look like the ring is haunted.



It’s really hard to find good magic tricks out there without cards, but this trick has definitely made it into my close up act.
— D. Rock | ★★★★
Before buying this product I assumed that there was a gimmick or magnet used in this, but it’s completely clean, I promise!
— Hope Smith | ★★★
This is one of the rare pieces of impromptu magic that always gets insane reactions from the audience - top work!
— Doug Conway | ★★★
As far as ring illusions or even rubber band effects go, this is certainly one of the better effects in the magic market place.
— Tim Richards | ★★★