Glass Balance - Explained by Alfie Whattam (Video Tutorial Download)


Glass Balance - Explained by Alfie Whattam (Video Tutorial Download)

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On many of the items in this store, we don't claim to be the inventors of the routine. Often we are just offering our alternative versions, based on the classic ideas. 

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When you're with friends & family, this is the perfect illusion to astonish them with. No skills required, the secret is very simple.



What I’d say is, when you learn how it’s done, you’ll be so amazed! The secret is just as incredible as the illusion in my opinion.
— Hannah Ingrim | ★★★
The special gimmick takes about a minute or so to create, but it lasts forever really, so I guess it’s not a problem at all.
— Marcus Deyes | ★★★
This is brilliant, entertaining, amazing, astonishing, mind blowing and jaw dropping! What more can I say really!
— Francis Crosbie | ★★★★
I take this gimmick everywhere with me in my wallet. Whenever I see a cup laying around I perform it, always plays well!
— Alex Grab | ★★★