Cups & Balls - Explained by Alfie Whattam (Video Tutorial Download)


Cups & Balls - Explained by Alfie Whattam (Video Tutorial Download)

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On many of the items in this store, we don't claim to be the inventors of the routine. Often we are just offering our alternative versions, based on the classic ideas. 

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Learn one of the oldest tricks in the art of magic. Borrow any 3 cups & instantly perform the impossible. 


REVIEWS | ★★★★

Wow! This is exactly what I was looking for! I remember seeing this magic trick on TV as a kid & I always wanted to learn it.
— Steve Gates | ★★★★
Thank you so much! This is the first product that I’ve bought from Alfie G. Whattam + since this, I’ve purchased 4 more!
— Miguel R. | ★★★★
Such as great classic trick in the history of magic, explained so brilliantly - my highest recommendations!
— John P. Sector | ★★★★
By mistake I entered the wrong email for the download to be sent to. But after contacting them, they resent it to my correct email!
— Danny Underfield | ★★★