10 Key Points from The Millionaire Booklet by Grant Cardone

I just finished reading The Millionaire Booklet by Grant Cardone. Here are 10 key points I took away from this book. This is only a short review, so if you have any further questions on these points, then just drop me a tweet @AlfieGWhattam.

  1. Anyone can become super rich, but the majority of people wont, partly because schools just don't teach you how.
  2. Most people have more money saved, when they're under the age of 10, than when they get out of college.
  3. The idea that you 'just need enough' money to live off is ridiculous. 
  4. Once you do the math, you can see how becoming super rich is attainable. So figure out exactly how many clients you need, how much they need to be spending & how much you need to be making to reach your goals.
  5. The creation of wealth early on, is not about saving or investing, it's about increasing your income.
  6. Spend your time with people who can actually buy what you're selling.
  7. As soon as you get paid, automatically move the majority of that income into separate savings accounts which you do not touch. Since you now wont have much spending money, it will force you to focus on increasing income.
  8. Once you've saved enough in these separate accounts, invest it into businesses & ventures which you have complete confidence in.
  9. Create multiple strong connected flows of income & don't neglect the existing streams when you move onto others (whilst repeating the system of saving income & reinvesting later).
  10. Reach up to make new connections, never reach sideways or down.