5 Things I Learnt from 'Trump - The Art of the Deal' Book

I'm an obsessive reader, probably close to 1 book per week. One I recently finished was 'The Art of the Deal' by Donald J. Trump. Trump is a Billionaire Real Estate Tycoon & the 2016 Republican Presidential Presumptive Nominee. With achievements like this, he clearly knows a thing or 2 about success. So here's 5 things I picked up from his best-seller...

  1. The day of a Billionaire is fairly simple. Every single day Donald commits to making 100+ phone calls & has numerous quick meetings in between. For the most part that's pretty much it. Being a good leader is all about communicating your vision to your employees & motivating them to do the work that it takes to reach this goal. This is one of Trumps golden rules.
  2. Use the media to make yourself, your products & your business famous. Donald is a true master at this. Just turn on the news & he will be the story 90% of the time... it's incredibly impressive.
  3. If you're going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big. I think this one speaks for itself. Do you wanna make apps for Apple? or do you wanna be the CEO of Apple? 
  4. No drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. This rule is definitely not followed by most people & I guess it's a good idea in theory. If you're seriously competitive then I'd imagine following this strategy would give you an advantage in the long run.
  5. If you don't win, then it was all a waste of time. Enough talking about how you 'learnt from the experience', that's great & all, but wouldn't you rather have just won? I know I would have preferred to have done so personally. 

I hope this brought you some value, but in all honesty, I actually write these kind of blogs for myself to begin with. By going over a few of the books golden rules, it helps me remember the content, so that I can apply it to my own life more. Although if you did enjoy the read & want more like this, then you can always follow me on twitter for updates on when I post these kind of blogs. 

Stay great,
- Alfie G. Whattam