Nick Leeson - Rouge Trader Book Lessons

Something I've recently re-read was 'Rouge Trader' by Nick Leeson, the former broker who brought down Barings Bank due to his fraud & deception. I've a big believer in re-reading important books on a regular basis, as I've found you can actually get a deeper understanding of the material each time. Here's a couple of lessons that I took away from this book, which hopefully will bring you some value.

  1. You must always be working to become successful. The billionaires & presidents of the world don't often take time off to watch TV or go to the local football game with friends. If you want to reach massive levels of success, then you must commit to your work 24/7 365 days of the year. Always be in hustle mode, through working, networking, reading & so on.
  2. Always put #1 first. Part of the reason for Nick's collapse, was because he often covered for his colleagues mistakes & as such, he risked himself for them. In many ways this entire scenario could have been avoided if he just looked after #1 first. It's a harsh rule, but an honest one in reality. 
  3. White collar crime is still a crime. Nick often went beyond the grey area, when he began cooking the books & forging documents. In the long run, chances are you'll get caught doing this & end up in prison like Nick. It's just not worth it, the risk is too high.

I hope these ideas brought you some value. If they did, then I'd love to talk more about it with you on Twitter @AlfieGWhattam. 

Stay great,

- Alfie G. Whattam