7 Things I Learnt from the Film 'Limitless'

One of my favourite movies is Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper. I know there are 100's of films better than this, however just the simple story of going from rags to riches tends to capture me, for whatever reason. Here are 7 things that I took away from the film, which if applied, can make your life limitless.

  1. Always act as if you're on NZT-48. This is the name of the drug from the film, which when taken, unlocks 100% of your brains power. So in other words, always be thinking like a Genius would.
  2. Never associate with bad people. In the film, things almost went completely wrong, as the main character Eddie, got associated with some Russian Criminals. Not the best idea to make these kind of connections upon reflection.
  3. Dress like a winner. In the 'rags' section of the film, one person comments that Eddie looks like he is "living on the street", however towards the 'riches' part, he's clean shaven & wearing a suit. Simple stuff really.
  4. Stay minimalist. There's a phenomenal scene at the start, when Eddie takes the drug for the first time, where he goes into hyper drive & cleans up his apartment, turning it from a mess, to a clean space. This kind of minimalism in your environment, is an excellent way to boost productivity & clarity of thought.
  5. Don't waste time. Rather than watching TV / films / gaming, spend that time on reading, building your business & networking. Everyone gets 24 hours in a day, some just utilise there's more effectively.
  6. Time should only be spent on big activities. Following on from the previous point, towards the beginning of the film, Eddie is sitting in a bar drinking, whilst towards the end, he is conquering Wall Street & running for Election.
  7. No fear. Don't let it hold you back, or you'll get nothing done. By acting as if you're unstoppable, you will eventually become so.

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