10 key points from Indeed's eBook - 'How to build an inbound recruiting strategy that attracts great candidates'​

For those that don't know, I have some business interests in the recruitment industry, so this post applies to this area. If you're also in this market, then I hope this brings you some value.

  1. Inbound recruiting is where candidates contact you first. Outbound recruiting is where you contact candidates first.
  2. 74% of people are open to new opportunities, with 63% of people actively looking at least monthly.
  3. Job seekers prefer to direct their own job search, rather than having recruiters contact them.
  4. You should focus on both inbound & outbound recruiting, to maximise your chances of finding quality candidates.
  5. Make your inbound recruitment application process as simple as possible.
  6. Track what is working & what isn't working, so you know what to invest money & time into.
  7. Inbound recruitment is better for easier jobs, whilst outbound recruitment is more effective for harder-to-fill positions.
  8. Keep job ad titles to around 80 characters & job descriptions to around 700 characters (using headers & bullet points for these).
  9. Include a video in job descriptions, which describes the opportunity, shows pictures of company events & includes testimonials from current employees.
  10. When doing outbound recruitment, you can also use your inbound recruitment content (videos / blogs / etc) to send to the candidates.