5 Rules from Ari Gold - The Gold Standard Book

Ari Gold isn't even a real person. He's the fictional Talent Agent from the TV Show Entourage. But the characters personality & mindset has lead to an almost 'satire business book', which in my opinion is arguably one of the best business books I've read in a long time. Here are 5 actionable lessons I learnt from it, which if applied can be worth Gold.

  1. Get to the point & get the job done. Try to keep meetings to 20 minutes max & most phone calls to under 2 minutes. No need for 'talking about the weather', just get in, get the job done, get out. Also try to avoid lunches / meetings all together if possible (unless if it's really important). If it can be done on the phone, then this will save you a ton of time. 
  2. Work through lunch. It only takes 10 minutes to have a sandwich & apple at your desk, whilst your competition is taking 60 minutes off to eat with friends. This exercise should save you a lot of time.
  3. Think of yourself as an entrepreneur, not an employee. Think in terms of building a business & making profit, not in terms of just doing a job.
  4. Give unique / personal gifts, along with short handwritten notes to make an impression with people. If the person that you're trying to impress talks about their love of Apple, then send them Steve Job's Biography as a gift. You'll definitely stand out this way.
  5. Doing favours for people, creates an unspoken I.O.U, which you can cash in on later when you need it. Put simply, if you're very nice to people & provide lots of value to them, then they'll usually be happy to help you out if you ask for something in return later on down the line.

I hope this brought you some value. If it did, then you can visit my facebook for more like this.

Be well,

- Alfie G. Whattam